Liberating the gemstone's radiance

Liberating the gemstone's radiance

Liberating the gemstone's radiance

As gemstones are at the centre of Cartier’s creations, jewellers, gem-cutters and gem-setters do everything they can to liberate the gemstone’s radiance. By examining the choice of sizes with great skill and reducing the maximum presence of metal. Cartier savoir-faire is the link between gemstone and light. 




The art of transparency

In the Tillandsia necklace, transparency becomes art: two exceptional beryls appear to float on a diamond lattice. The designer and jeweller join forces to create effects of depth, which continue into the crystal of the rutilated quartz. 





At Cartier the stone guides creation, and even more so when it comes to diamond-set rings. The stone determines the choice of setting - and not the other way around. The metal, designed to disappear, allows the radiance of the stones to shine through. Absolute perfection, Cartier’s signature.




Pairing exceptional diamonds

2 diamonds totalling more than 26 carats are circled by 107 diamonds which shine with the same intensity and sparkle. A feat achieved by stone cutters, jewellers and gemstone experts, who are instrumental in the creation of dazzling pieces, true jewellery perfection. 




Colourful precious stones

Cartier’s experts have tried to identify the most beautiful gemstones from the Earth’s core which will make up the subtle harmonies of a living necklace, changing reflections from the depths of magma. 




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