Cartier Carat

The Fragrance

Cartier Carat
Brilliant Bouquet


Carat, the new fragrance from Cartier, unites the seven colours of the rainbow in a single, clear and pure white scent, akin to a diamond.

The Bottle

Cartier Carat
Diamond Bottle


Capturing the light, it diffracts all the colours of the prism which are endlessly mirrored in the reflections of its clean-cut glass facets.

An Art Deco  bottle updated by Cartier with modern, clean-cut square faceted edges.

A message from the Perfumer

Cartier Carat in the words of Mathilde Laurent, Cartier Perfumer


"I wanted to create a fragrance that sparkles with all the fire of a diamond. It occured to me to apply to the fragrance the principle of diffraction: the dispersed light that appears as flashes of rainbow colours in a diamond.

And so, I chose seven beautiful fresh flowers that come together to form a new flower, abstract but alive, like the light of the diamond."